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How do you know when true love is?


True love is a difficult concept to explain, not something tangible, but a mixture of feelings that make us need and be needed by another person. Many times a simple infatuation is confused with something deeper, but real love is a matter of time, trust and stability in a relationship.How can we explain real love?

The meaning of love already encompasses many terms, its official meaning could be the feeling or inclination that one person has towards another, or something desired. So how do we explain the meaning of true love?

1. True love exists

2. Do not confuse passion with true love

3. The situation of naturalness in the couple is true love

True love in the couple

True love exists and means “walking in the same direction”

According to therapist Charlotte Pasquier , in order to be true love, only two people are needed who are traveling in the same direction, this refers to being aware of the wishes of the couple. It is not necessary to have the same opinion about the same things, just to have empathy, the ability to understand how the other person’s feelings and emotions are, even if they are not identical to yours. In this way two people can be understood without judging.

When love is real it goes beyond a physical attraction, although it is also an important part. In love, the feelings of greater or lesser intensity that they feel toward the other person are involved. When there is true love, it means accepting the other person with all their flaws and qualities and overcoming some disappointment .

You will only know that you have found true love, when you feel and know for sure that the person next to you is the person you want to spend with and share the rest of your life with. If you have that certainty, if you are able to imagine yourself together in the future, then you have to know that you have probably found that person in the love of your life .

“Passion is not love”

According to the psychiatrist Pedro Hovart , we can distinguish between two types of passion. Erotic passion , which refers to the degree of sexual eroticism that exists in the relationship, which is more difficult to maintain in a relationship for a long period of time in turn.

Passional love, on the other hand, refers to dependence on the partner, which includes the self-esteem of the person in the relationship. This can lead the person tohave illusion or disappointment. According to the psychoanalyst this type of passion “It is not love, but it only seems”

Passion is not true love

The naturalness in the relationship is a factor to be clear that love is for real.

The desire to love arises naturally, it is a need that arises by itself in every human being to satisfy part of the expectations of life. Not always love is blind, each person lives the love in a different way . Sometimes it also happens to believe in being in love with a person, but finally we discover over time that such feeling was not true love, but rather everything was left in attraction. We must have patience in love, and be aware that when we really have real feelings, our emotions are usually stabilized .

Generally we are looking for an ideal person without worrying about if we are really prepared to carry a serious relationship and if we will finally be able to have an attitude of trust towards the other person. Both people in a relationship must try to make the effort to take care of your relationship so that the real love comes to life and can give a stable and happy relationship.