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How to know if it is Love what you Feel?


I’m in love? Where is this relationship going? Will you feel the same for me? How do I know if it’s love? Maybe it’s just sexual desire? There are some keys that can help you to differentiate the feeling of love, the feeling of falling in love or sexual desire.

First we must identify what love is, according to experts sexologists and sociologists, love is the disposition and the spirit that has one person, in which the happiness of another ends up being essential for the happiness of someone.

How are the feelings? How to know if it is love?

No one said that it was easy to differentiate both feelings, since both love and sexual desire can be passionate, sometimes they can be differentiated by the intensity with which they feel, but still it is not always easy to use these parameters in love themes . What we suggest in this case is that you try to differentiate these feelings through a simple personal question, is that feeling solid?

What do we mean by this? If that feeling is affectionate and often respectful, generally, respect can lead mainly to love, while infatuation and sexual desire deal more with evanescence, lacking in stability.

It is also worth noting that sexual desire is often compared more to obsession, and love with a stronger and more solidified feeling, of course also much more complex. Even so, not only are these feelings part of the realm of being in love, according to psychologists, the cusp of love can only be carried out if both people feel individually realized in the relationship, in this way you can truly value a relationship.

Time says it all

To know if it is love what you feel, try not to rush, love comes with time. As much as feelings for someone are strong at first, do not forget that they may be ephemeral. Sometimes, in a short space of time the feelings are still unclear, and there may be so many attitudes, personalities and virtues of the other person you do not yet know.

Although love at first sight also exists , usually, when it starts too quickly, that feeling is more likely to lose its repentant value as well.

how to know if what you feel is love

At the moment of truth the distinction between love and another kind of feeling is often much more difficult, since we generally think that the only difference that exists is in the level of feelings of each. But of course, every person and every relationship is a world and in turn a whole.

Can I find love in eDarling?

Do you think you have found love in eDarling or are you still looking for it? You are your best advice to find true love, your feelings will surely betray you. In a first contact there may be “love at first sight”, but as a first contact is not everything, we encourage you to use all your weapons to find and find the person who is really your half.

Make use of the facilities provided by eDarling to find a related person through the personality test, try to be sincere and describe yourself in as much detail as possible in your profile , as this way you will have many more possibilities to find what you are looking for.

Sharing and advancement are two important characteristics for a relationship to show stability, which will also influence you and help you to know if it is love. Be patient and jump to the pursuit of love!