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How to make him fall in love with me? 4 steps to help you


You may be compatible, have fun together and have a special connection, but you need to know something more.

“How can I make you fall in love with me?” Love is not an exact science, but there are some tricks that can help you achieve this.

Identify the qualities of that special person

How to make him fall in love? Try to discover what characterizes and makes that person so special to you. What makes it unique. That feature that may not be seen with the naked eye, but can be deduced.

The writer ngela states in her book “” Psychology of Seduction “” 1 that “”it is simply to record the opponent’s favorite emotion””

Vallejo illustrates this with an example. Imagine that the person in front of you is extremely sensitive, but as she is afraid to show herself as she is, she keeps a cool attitude. That is the appropriate time to use your seduction instinct and try to look beyond appearances. It is about looking beyond and acting.

Look for compatibility

If you are interested in that person, sometimes it is better to keep a little mystery. Some people show more interest when the situation is not easy and they think they have to fight for it. How to make him start falling in love with you? Waiting can also work.

The writer Odile Lamour re states in her book “”The Art of Seduction: The Rules of the Game”” 2 : “” The strategy of waiting is a very good tactic to maintain the desire, although it can also end it .”” Therefore, if you choose to use the mystery, use it in moderation and awareness.

Use your physical and personal appeal

Appearance is important at first. According to Wiebke 3 , our partner psychologist, online dating sites, attractiveness is important for the pre-selection of a potential partner within a group. The physical aspect impacts from the outset and makes it easier to make a decision when you do not know someone personally.

Can I enhance my appeal? According to Martin Grundl 4 in our study on attractiveness, 50% of the appeal is conditioned by shared tastes, this explains that some of its appeal can be improved and seduce someone, since the other 50% is conditioned by personal tastes .

How can I fall in love with a man?

If you are a woman and you wonder how to make him fall in love with you, it is important to know that men are attracted to different aspects than women.

Men generally tend to look more at the physical aspect at first , but this is not the only aspect of course.

They seek above all the affection in a long term relationship. Show affection and use your sense of humor to start a conversation with them, this will make you see that you are a determined woman.

How can I fall in love with a woman?

Women look for several characteristics in a man, but above all they seek to be able to trust their partner and highly value the chemistry that exists in the relationship.

They are also looking for a man to listen to them. Communication is very important to them. He shows interest in her, speaks and leaves room for listening.