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Things to Discuss on a First Date


What do you prefer?

This is an interesting game where two answers are presented to a given situation. In this way, the other person must choose one of the two options. This question helps a lot to know more about your appointment and about your tastes and preferences , it is also a good option to know your real intentions.

What makes you laugh?

A question to break the ice . This is a fun question that can give a lot of you. Of course in this way you can also know if that person is your soul mate. A conversation with humor always leaves a good taste, and in addition, the sense of humor also shows the personality of each, something to take into account when starting a relationship.

What is your best memory?

This question will help you establish a more emotional bond, as it requires that your appointment tell you a more personal story. This on the one hand demands that you listen to him, and as a result of a good listener will earn points, since both, but above all women look for a man to know how to listen

3. This implies and shows long-term confidence.

Remember that the best topic to talk about on a first date is the one that is natural for both of you. There is no need to force. Relax and be yourself at all times, this will help you succeed.