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How to have a memorable time with your Girl friend or Boy friend


Bowling Let your most competitive side come out and set up a bowling tournament. Eat pizza, order snacks and even some drinks , have fun as children and have a memorable date.

42. Skiing in water
Extreme sports lovers? Transfer to a nearby lake, such as Valle de Bravo, Tequesquitengo or even the lagoon of Acapulco and practice your favorite water sports. In addition to a good dose of sun, they will have hours of fun.

43. Books and coffee
Let yourself be lost among the shelves of your favorite bookstore and have an incredible literary date. Many of them offer coffee service and allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks, some of them can even have a glass of wine. All this, immersed in the warm aura of books.

44. Botanical Garden
Although it may sound like one of the activities your aunt would invite you to, you will be surprised how magical these places can be. You will be trapped by all the charm of nature and will feel transported to other places.

45. Gokarts
Free the runner who frustrated runs they carry inside and whether they compete, or share a cart for the two, have fun as if they were children once again.

46. Double quote
Surely they have a couple of friends with whom they love to hang out and have a good time. Why not multiply the fun of the night for two and have a double date?

47. Return to your hometown
If either of you is from outside, take a trip to your hometown. If it is you, show him all your favorite corners, the places where you grew up and all those spaces that marked you. If on the other hand, you are the visitor, ask her to give you the complete tour. This will make them feel much more connected and have a better understanding of your partner.

48. Eating at Food Trucks
If they are a couple of foodies , find the park or the nearest food trucks area . Ask for something in each of them and share!

49. Eating in a gastronomic collective
We insist, if the food drives them crazy, they should consent. Attend a gastronomic group like Mercado Roma or Mercado del Carmen and enjoy the many options that these places can offer you.

50. Turibus
The turibus offers multiple tours, from the classic that takes you through the emblematic points of the city to the tour of bars and canteens. Choose the one that best matches your mood and what you are looking for then and get going.