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Interesting Ways to have a Date Night


Glamping If you want to camp, but do not want to lose glamor and raise it a little level, you and your partner have to try the glamping . You will have a tent full of luxuries, delicious food and we assure you that every moment will be more romantic than the previous one.

22. One night in a hotel
Enjoy your company to the fullest and totally alone spending the night in a hotel in the city. Ask Room-Service, set the room with your favorite music and have no excuse to leave the room.

23. Night at a motel
For those who are a little more daring and want their Valentine to be something very different and playful, opt to stay overnight at the sexiest motel in town.

24. Netflix Night
Make lots of popcorn, bed with lots of pillows and spend a whole day watching a series or many movies together. Perfect to see those movies they have wanted to see for years, but never succeed.

25. Rent a nearby AirBNB
Experiment to rent with this incredible page that finds places that satisfy all your needs and whims. Go somewhere near tourist and know every corner that you have to discover together.

26. Beach Break
If you are so fortunate to live near a beach take advantage of it and escape for a couple of days to spend them by the sea. Bring something to eat, your favorite wine and swimsuit. They will enjoy the sea, their company and the sun, making their day of love one of the best they have had.

27. Museum Day
Mexico City is the city with the most museums in the world; unfortunately very few enjoy them. Share a different Valentine and go to the museums that interest you the most, you will see how interesting it can be.

28. Jazz Night
Change a night of dive or bar to a night of pure jazz. There are many places that offer you enjoy this wonderful live genre accompanied by rich food typical of New Orleans. We recommend Puebla 109 in the colony Roma Norte.

29. Minigolf
The typical first date is more fun than everyone thinks. Spending a day in the mini golf is extremely fun and surely because it is a clich? they have not done it. You will feel part of a romantic comedy.

30. Ice cream and walking
When was the last time you had a date as simple as going for an ice cream and walking while talking about your most intimate secrets and enjoying your favorite ice cream? Go back to basics and fall in love once more.