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Romantic and original dating ideas

1. Mini road-tripGet out of the fast-paced routine and traffic of the city and drive somewhere you want to meet together. It can be a magical town, some nature reserve, a park or an antique market. Your destination should not be necessarily close either, remember that also the time you spend on the trip can be enjoyed in large.

2. Autochinema
If you are looking for a more vintage mood , transpose to the 60’s and enjoy a romantic date and old time in the car. Open the trunk and turn it into a VIP room with blankets, cushions and treats.

3. Picnic
There is no better way to celebrate Valentine than with a checkered tablecloth, a basket with delicious snacks and a good wine. They will enjoy your company like never before and enjoy nature to the fullest. Make your picnic as gourmet as you like and include delicious delicatessens , remember that it is a special date.

4. Table Games Night
Perfect for laughing, sharing memories of your childhood and enjoying a few glasses of wine. It will be extremely fun and they will be able to talk everything they can not in their daily routines. Sometimes the greatness of a plan is in its simplicity.

5. Visit a dog lodge
Nothing is more joyful a day than the dogs, and if it is a puppies, not to speak … If you are animal lovers and of noble heart, go to take a walk to some dog shelter for adoption and meet them all. In one of those they end up in love with one and adopt it.

6. Evening theater
The theater is a great alternative to a movie night, it will be refreshing for both and very enriching. Let yourself be captivated by the setting and characterization of the work; no matter if they like comedy, drama or musicals, there are options for everyone.

7. Walk to find a romantic and cozy restaurant that no one knows
In Mexico there are many colonies that lend themselves for hours walking under beautiful bougainvilleas, tall trees and among incredible shops. Enter all those who catch your attention and once they are hungry choose a new place for the two where they can have dinner. TIP: order the house specialty, nothing speaks better of a restaurant than its star dish.

8. Dance class
If you are looking for something more moved for the day of love you can join a dance class together. There is no better way to know more intimately than with a good Tango or Salsa as a couple.

9. Do it yourself as a couple
Surely one of the two has some frustrated project of doing it yourself for the house or some gift. Take the time and do it together, it will be something different and very fun. Pinterest can give you many ideas of where to start.

10. Make purchases for your partner
Buy those pants that have tried to have your partner bought for months and sunglasses that he does not dare to buy. And let yourself be surprised by the fashion sense of your special someone. When you exchange, use what you give each other.