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Why do we Blush when Someone Likes us?


There are many situations in which we feel we can not control our feelings and we become nervous, either because of shyness or fear of not being able to express ourselves, and one of them could be on a first date with someone who attracts you. Learning to control your emotions to avoid getting more red, is a good exercise to know yourself and know how far you are able to reach.

Possibly it will have happened to you that you blush when you see the person you like or when you have an appointment with someone special. He feels shy when it comes to talking to her. In these types of situations it is normal to blush, because being under pressure wanting to offer the best of oneself sometimes arises the fear of not being reciprocated .

Is it a problem to turn red?

According to Dr. Enrique Jadrsic in his study on Blushing 1 “Blushing in certain situations is normal. For those who are embarrassed or nervous, turning red is a common and tolerable experience. But for those who redden against the slightest stimulus, without reason or very often, the experience can generate problems and interfere in the individual development, the sentimental life or the interpersonal relations ”

when it’s a problem to blush

Sporadic embarrassment is common. Who has not had the feeling of getting red once? This feeling usually affects us in certain situations when we are afraid of not meeting the expectations of others, of course we can not always be completely sure, since the expectation that we believe someone has about us may be true or not. It is best to have self-confidence , do not feel uncomfortable and show your personality.

How do you avoid getting red on a date or before that person you like?

Getting red is usually a natural sensation if spontaneous and eventual, but sometimes it can be problematic in people who suffer it very often, where this emotional feeling is not so easy to control. Yet we can all try to analyze what is what makes us blush in a given situation, assuming what is our fear to try to avoid this feeling of shame.

In a first date it is normal to blush, since it is before the person who likes and makes him feel special, which is normal to get nervous in a situation of flirtation. Think about it, it’s actually the closest thing to a mixture of pleasant jitters.

Do not be afraid and rejoice, you are on a date with a special person, possibly there is chemistry between the two, which is probably normal on both sides.

how to avoid blushing in compromised situations

To feel shame and to become red do not have to be treated as two negative characteristics, since they are two emotions difficult to control in different situations. Think that being yourself, with its flaws and virtues, is what gives essence to a person and is what makes him unique.

In matters of love, it is not always easy to succeed. But what always appears to be an effect is to be natural, as it is. Timidity can always be improved if you propose it, try to trust yourself and be positive when it comes to looking for love, sure that eventually find someone compatible with whom to share their hobbies.

Have you ever been in the red? Have you managed to put shyness aside? Leave us your message.


How to make him fall in love with me? 4 steps to help you


You may be compatible, have fun together and have a special connection, but you need to know something more.

“How can I make you fall in love with me?” Love is not an exact science, but there are some tricks that can help you achieve this.

Identify the qualities of that special person

How to make him fall in love? Try to discover what characterizes and makes that person so special to you. What makes it unique. That feature that may not be seen with the naked eye, but can be deduced.

The writer ngela states in her book “” Psychology of Seduction “” 1 that “”it is simply to record the opponent’s favorite emotion””

Vallejo illustrates this with an example. Imagine that the person in front of you is extremely sensitive, but as she is afraid to show herself as she is, she keeps a cool attitude. That is the appropriate time to use your seduction instinct and try to look beyond appearances. It is about looking beyond and acting.

Look for compatibility

If you are interested in that person, sometimes it is better to keep a little mystery. Some people show more interest when the situation is not easy and they think they have to fight for it. How to make him start falling in love with you? Waiting can also work.

The writer Odile Lamour re states in her book “”The Art of Seduction: The Rules of the Game”” 2 : “” The strategy of waiting is a very good tactic to maintain the desire, although it can also end it .”” Therefore, if you choose to use the mystery, use it in moderation and awareness.

Use your physical and personal appeal

Appearance is important at first. According to Wiebke 3 , our partner psychologist, online dating sites, attractiveness is important for the pre-selection of a potential partner within a group. The physical aspect impacts from the outset and makes it easier to make a decision when you do not know someone personally.

Can I enhance my appeal? According to Martin Grundl 4 in our study on attractiveness, 50% of the appeal is conditioned by shared tastes, this explains that some of its appeal can be improved and seduce someone, since the other 50% is conditioned by personal tastes .

How can I fall in love with a man?

If you are a woman and you wonder how to make him fall in love with you, it is important to know that men are attracted to different aspects than women.

Men generally tend to look more at the physical aspect at first , but this is not the only aspect of course.

They seek above all the affection in a long term relationship. Show affection and use your sense of humor to start a conversation with them, this will make you see that you are a determined woman.

How can I fall in love with a woman?

Women look for several characteristics in a man, but above all they seek to be able to trust their partner and highly value the chemistry that exists in the relationship.

They are also looking for a man to listen to them. Communication is very important to them. He shows interest in her, speaks and leaves room for listening.


Fear of Falling in Love: Addicted to Avoiding Love?


What is philophobia?

This symptom is defined as a trauma whose origin comes from childhood and the family base, where the primordial is the affective. This basically translates into the fear of suffering and being abandoned.

Why are we afraid to fall in love?

Basically we imagine two situations when someone feels that fear of falling in love. The perfect situation would be that we would be reciprocated with the same feelings we experienced towards the other person. The other scene would be in which we are not reciprocated, which makes us decide not to go forward because of the fear of being rejected . This is accompanied by a great feeling of emptiness.

Where does that fear come from?

Perhaps one of the causes of the fear of falling in love is that we have previously idealized the relationship and we think that everything has to happen as we have imagined. In this way we will not feel comfortable if our expectation changes regarding our relationship.

On the other hand, perhaps this fear of commitment appears to be dedicated to a person, especially when he has not had a stable relationship before. Devoting attention to a person when one is accustomed to being single can be a big step at first.

  • There are people who prefer not to carry the relationship to such an extent, so as not to overwhelm to take the step towards the future of a relationship. That way they would avoid that fear of falling in love too much to finally go on to lead a serious relationship.
  • Just as it can happen when you have had a relationship before that caused you to spend bad times and falling in love again reminds you of the same situation.
  • It is true that mistakes are learned, but perhaps it is time to put aside the remorse of past relationships. New person, new relationship. Think that each person is different and like every relationship, from each one you can learn something new. But of course what is mainly sought is happiness, that is why sometimes the fear of not being happy prevents us from moving forward.

Try to clarify your feelings: what do you really feel?

Having clear feelings is what will best help you take this step to end the fear of falling in love. But how do you know if what you feel is true? We may have a bit of uncertainty as to the safety of going forward, but in these cases as the saying goes, whoever does not risk does not win. If you never take that step to try to know your true feelings as well as those of the other person, you will never know with certainty if it is really love.

Think about whether you feel comfortable with yourself, and what you are really looking for in the topic of love, this will make it easier to clarify yourself when you start to find love.

How to overcome the fear of falling in love?

The main thing is to learn to recognize that he is afraid of falling in love. Just try to be aware of whether your feelings are real and try to determine where that fear comes from . By accepting your own fear it will be easier for you to overcome it.

It is no use staying locked in their feelings, after all, somehow they will end up afloat.

Being realistic and optimistic will help you express your feelings. You may be afraid of falling in love, but love eventually becomes a basic need, where the feeling of showing your affection and affection and feeling loved by another person becomes the law of life. Think about what benefits you would have if you launched yourself to find love, if you never try, you will never know.

Encourage yourself to try, taking this step can lead you to happiness. Open up and show your feelings, let yourself go. Just be yourself.


How to know if it is Love what you Feel?


I’m in love? Where is this relationship going? Will you feel the same for me? How do I know if it’s love? Maybe it’s just sexual desire? There are some keys that can help you to differentiate the feeling of love, the feeling of falling in love or sexual desire.

First we must identify what love is, according to experts sexologists and sociologists, love is the disposition and the spirit that has one person, in which the happiness of another ends up being essential for the happiness of someone.

How are the feelings? How to know if it is love?

No one said that it was easy to differentiate both feelings, since both love and sexual desire can be passionate, sometimes they can be differentiated by the intensity with which they feel, but still it is not always easy to use these parameters in love themes . What we suggest in this case is that you try to differentiate these feelings through a simple personal question, is that feeling solid?

What do we mean by this? If that feeling is affectionate and often respectful, generally, respect can lead mainly to love, while infatuation and sexual desire deal more with evanescence, lacking in stability.

It is also worth noting that sexual desire is often compared more to obsession, and love with a stronger and more solidified feeling, of course also much more complex. Even so, not only are these feelings part of the realm of being in love, according to psychologists, the cusp of love can only be carried out if both people feel individually realized in the relationship, in this way you can truly value a relationship.

Time says it all

To know if it is love what you feel, try not to rush, love comes with time. As much as feelings for someone are strong at first, do not forget that they may be ephemeral. Sometimes, in a short space of time the feelings are still unclear, and there may be so many attitudes, personalities and virtues of the other person you do not yet know.

Although love at first sight also exists , usually, when it starts too quickly, that feeling is more likely to lose its repentant value as well.

how to know if what you feel is love

At the moment of truth the distinction between love and another kind of feeling is often much more difficult, since we generally think that the only difference that exists is in the level of feelings of each. But of course, every person and every relationship is a world and in turn a whole.

Can I find love in eDarling?

Do you think you have found love in eDarling or are you still looking for it? You are your best advice to find true love, your feelings will surely betray you. In a first contact there may be “love at first sight”, but as a first contact is not everything, we encourage you to use all your weapons to find and find the person who is really your half.

Make use of the facilities provided by eDarling to find a related person through the personality test, try to be sincere and describe yourself in as much detail as possible in your profile , as this way you will have many more possibilities to find what you are looking for.

Sharing and advancement are two important characteristics for a relationship to show stability, which will also influence you and help you to know if it is love. Be patient and jump to the pursuit of love!


How do you know when true love is?


True love is a difficult concept to explain, not something tangible, but a mixture of feelings that make us need and be needed by another person. Many times a simple infatuation is confused with something deeper, but real love is a matter of time, trust and stability in a relationship.How can we explain real love?

The meaning of love already encompasses many terms, its official meaning could be the feeling or inclination that one person has towards another, or something desired. So how do we explain the meaning of true love?

1. True love exists

2. Do not confuse passion with true love

3. The situation of naturalness in the couple is true love

True love in the couple

True love exists and means “walking in the same direction”

According to therapist Charlotte Pasquier , in order to be true love, only two people are needed who are traveling in the same direction, this refers to being aware of the wishes of the couple. It is not necessary to have the same opinion about the same things, just to have empathy, the ability to understand how the other person’s feelings and emotions are, even if they are not identical to yours. In this way two people can be understood without judging.

When love is real it goes beyond a physical attraction, although it is also an important part. In love, the feelings of greater or lesser intensity that they feel toward the other person are involved. When there is true love, it means accepting the other person with all their flaws and qualities and overcoming some disappointment .

You will only know that you have found true love, when you feel and know for sure that the person next to you is the person you want to spend with and share the rest of your life with. If you have that certainty, if you are able to imagine yourself together in the future, then you have to know that you have probably found that person in the love of your life .

“Passion is not love”

According to the psychiatrist Pedro Hovart , we can distinguish between two types of passion. Erotic passion , which refers to the degree of sexual eroticism that exists in the relationship, which is more difficult to maintain in a relationship for a long period of time in turn.

Passional love, on the other hand, refers to dependence on the partner, which includes the self-esteem of the person in the relationship. This can lead the person tohave illusion or disappointment. According to the psychoanalyst this type of passion “It is not love, but it only seems”

Passion is not true love

The naturalness in the relationship is a factor to be clear that love is for real.

The desire to love arises naturally, it is a need that arises by itself in every human being to satisfy part of the expectations of life. Not always love is blind, each person lives the love in a different way . Sometimes it also happens to believe in being in love with a person, but finally we discover over time that such feeling was not true love, but rather everything was left in attraction. We must have patience in love, and be aware that when we really have real feelings, our emotions are usually stabilized .

Generally we are looking for an ideal person without worrying about if we are really prepared to carry a serious relationship and if we will finally be able to have an attitude of trust towards the other person. Both people in a relationship must try to make the effort to take care of your relationship so that the real love comes to life and can give a stable and happy relationship.