Why do we Blush when Someone Likes us?


There are many situations in which we feel we can not control our feelings and we become nervous, either because of shyness or fear of not being able to express ourselves, and one of them could be on a first date with someone who attracts you. Learning to control your emotions to avoid getting more red, is a good exercise to know yourself and know how far you are able to reach.

Possibly it will have happened to you that you blush when you see the person you like or when you have an appointment with someone special. He feels shy when it comes to talking to her. In these types of situations it is normal to blush, because being under pressure wanting to offer the best of oneself sometimes arises the fear of not being reciprocated .

Is it a problem to turn red?

According to Dr. Enrique Jadrsic in his study on Blushing 1 “Blushing in certain situations is normal. For those who are embarrassed or nervous, turning red is a common and tolerable experience. But for those who redden against the slightest stimulus, without reason or very often, the experience can generate problems and interfere in the individual development, the sentimental life or the interpersonal relations ”

when it’s a problem to blush

Sporadic embarrassment is common. Who has not had the feeling of getting red once? This feeling usually affects us in certain situations when we are afraid of not meeting the expectations of others, of course we can not always be completely sure, since the expectation that we believe someone has about us may be true or not. It is best to have self-confidence , do not feel uncomfortable and show your personality.

How do you avoid getting red on a date or before that person you like?

Getting red is usually a natural sensation if spontaneous and eventual, but sometimes it can be problematic in people who suffer it very often, where this emotional feeling is not so easy to control. Yet we can all try to analyze what is what makes us blush in a given situation, assuming what is our fear to try to avoid this feeling of shame.

In a first date it is normal to blush, since it is before the person who likes and makes him feel special, which is normal to get nervous in a situation of flirtation. Think about it, it’s actually the closest thing to a mixture of pleasant jitters.

Do not be afraid and rejoice, you are on a date with a special person, possibly there is chemistry between the two, which is probably normal on both sides.

how to avoid blushing in compromised situations

To feel shame and to become red do not have to be treated as two negative characteristics, since they are two emotions difficult to control in different situations. Think that being yourself, with its flaws and virtues, is what gives essence to a person and is what makes him unique.

In matters of love, it is not always easy to succeed. But what always appears to be an effect is to be natural, as it is. Timidity can always be improved if you propose it, try to trust yourself and be positive when it comes to looking for love, sure that eventually find someone compatible with whom to share their hobbies.

Have you ever been in the red? Have you managed to put shyness aside? Leave us your message.